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Most parents wonder where to get the best children dentist in town. In fact, Summer Dental advises parents to bring children for dental exposure as early as 6 months when the teeth start erupting. Tender Loving Care, Tell-Show-Do, early dental exposure and correct dental knowledge will bring dental health to your kids. 

Did you know: 

The baby tooth will erupt at 6 months old, and continue until 2 years old.The total number of baby teeth is 20. 

Bottle Milk feeding can potentially lead to dental caries and uneven tooth alignment.Adult Molar will erupt at age 6, and continue until 12-14 years old. It is better to follow the sequence of erupting, early extraction for problem tooth is not advised.

We advise: 
  • Having a brushing chart and develop the habit for your kids 
  • Early dental clinic exposure to reduce dental phobia
  • Early check ups as early as the first tooth erupts 
  • Do not use bottle milk feeding 
  • Regular check ups, fillings for decayed tooth, pulpotomy for teeth in pain
  • For kids aged 3 and below: if your kid tends to swallow toothpaste, use non fluoridated toothpaste 
  • For kids aged 3 and above: use fluoridated toothpaste to battle against caries 
  • Use toothbrush for appropriate age 
  • Sealants can be done to seal all pits and grooves on adult teeth

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