Braces or Orthodontic Treatment helps you uncover your Real Smile so that you can smile the way you like. Take beautiful smile photo in every event. Metal Braces, Traditional Metal braces, Ceramic Braces, Damon metal, Damon Clear, Invisalign, invisible braces, colour metal braces, microscrew, temporary anchorage device, are all methods that allow you to achieve real dental beauty and perfect smile that can last a decade. 

Which type is right for me?
  • METAL braces – Can achieve all range of movement, with colours or without colours, reduce cost, fast and smooth movement 
  • Damon Metal  — Autolocking wire, smoother movement. Higher cost, Fast
  • Clear braces, Ceramic braces – More esthetic smile, less metal, higher cost, slower. 
  • INVISALIGN – Newer solution, no bracket, no wire, lesser pain, moderately fast, Higher cost, invisible braces, highly esthetic

What can braces correct?
  • Protrusion (tooth that is protruded outside, rabbit teeth)
  • Crowding 
  • Deep bite (lower teeth less visible) 
  • Open bite (upper and lower teeth not touching opposite side)
  • Reverse bite (lower teeth in front of upper teeth)
  • Gummy Smile (too much gum shown when smile) 
  • Asymmetry (Right and left site not symmetry appearance)
  • Existing spaces 
  • Large overjet (upper teeth too far in front of lower teeth)
  • Impacted teeth (teeth that are embedded inside the jaw bone) 

Stages of corrections:
  • Initial dental Braces consultation, X-ray Model and photos are taken for further assessment to formulate a more detailed treatment plan
  • General Scaling/Cleaning, Filling 
  • Braces Installation
  • Extractions/Non Extractions plan , misco screw if needed
  • 4-6 weeks regular adjustment

After Braces Completed:
  • Retainer shall be worn for 2 years 
  • Periodic Review in dental clinic to check alignment and fix retainer wire if any 

AGE LIMIT: No age limit as long as your teeth and gum are healthy. If you can live up to 100 years old, speeding 1-2 years doing braces to keep your teeth in better shape and position will be beneficial for the future.

Limitation of braces: patients suffering from TMJ pain, Temporary mandibular joint pain, and Periodontitis (severe Gum disease) 

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