Implant Surgery
Millions of Dental implants are placed worldwide with increasing public awareness and acceptance. Dental Implants with bone grafting is one option to replace the missing tooth. Dental implant offers comfort, stability support, and restored the closest thing to a natural tooth. Especially if you are self-conscious about missing teeth or wearing a denture, denture implants are one of the best options to be considered. Clinic integrated unique Concentrated Growth factor into implant for the best healing. 

What is an implant?
Titanium grade IV or grade V, cylinder screw, highly sterile, made to fit the human body. Titanium can be integrated with human bone, then a tooth is securely attached to implant.

Advantages of Dental Implants
  • Offer Longevity, hold firmly for years, sometimes decades
  • Are the most similar to natural teeth than any other option
  • Dental implants do not disturb or affect neighboring teeth
  • Implant crowns are not removed for overnight soaking and cleaning
  • No adhesive is needed

CGF Concentrated Growth Factor
  • Unique technology that uses own’s blood to be centrifuge and separate growth factor 
  • Multiple growth factors of one’s own platelet cell can derive various primitive growth factors 
  • Growth factors enhance the vitality of foreign object
  • Speed up Integration, Healing of bone and healing of gum tissue 

Implant Process: 
  1. General Assessment, Model X-ray Photo and, CBCT are taken for proper treatment planning
  2. Extraction if required 
  3. Bone grafting if required, GBR + CGF
  4. Sinus Lift if required 
  5. Dental implant placement  with bone grafting, allow 4months or more for integration
  6. Connection is place into dental implant 
  7. Model is taken into final crown or bridge or overdenture fabrication
  8. Final crown or bridge delivered. 

Dental implants also involve a higher cost as multiple teams are required to ensure smooth procedures are carried out, and it also involves a longer time to complete. However it is the most valuable treatment that you deserve, as our teeth function daily to speech, masticating and esthetic. 

After Implant Care
  • Implant is not a painful procedure. Anesthesia will be given at the time of surgery
  • Post implant surgery shall follow instructions to maintain oral hygiene with surgical toothbrush, chlorhexidine mouthwash, medicine as prescribed, limited activities as advised
  • Post implant completion, shall be as simple as taking care of normal teeth, keep the gum clean with floss or Superfloss or Waterfloss,  Soft toothbrush and mouthwash

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