Dental X-Ray / CBCT

Dental X-ray (Radiographs) produces images of your teeth for evaluation of oral health.  Different Types of Dental X-rays are available; clinics also equipped with Cone Beam CT SCAN (CBCT) that offers 3 dimensional cross section imaging. These digitized X-ray is very safe, and emit low levels of radiation. 

Type of X-ray
OPG panoramic: Capture all Upper and lower teeth including jaw bone and joint.
Ceph lateral ceph: Capture site view of the teeth and head mainly for ortho/braces purposes.PA periapical: Capture small zone of  2-4 teeth.

  • Cone beam computerized tomography, Vatech pax I 3D 
  • 3 dimensional view of all teeth, bone, joint and profile  
  • Extraoral imaging, no film inside the mouth, machine auto rotate all around the head and jaw
  • High Image quality and lower radiation level as compared to medical CT scan
  • 3D software that supports the whole process of surgery, implant simulation, etc
  • Fully digitized copy that can be easily transferred

In general, X-ray or CBCT is recommended for:
  • Wisdom tooth / impacted tooth assessment
  • Braces / Orthodontic treatment 
  • Caries / Cavity / hole with tooth 
  • Gum problem / periodontal problem
  • Root canal treatment and restoration
  • Implant surgery 
  • Cracked tooth
  • Suspected pathology 

If the individual is Pregnant, X-ray is generally to be avoided. Digitized X-ray nowadays offer extremely low dose, as low as 4 hours flight for panoramic, as compared to the old generation X-ray film radiography. Proper personnel are trained to carry out X-ray, which fulfills national radiation protocol.

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