Gum Diseases, Gingivitis Or Periodontitis affects more than half of the population of adults. Fortunately, Summer Dental Offers a 2-step solution: Scaling (Teeth Cleaning) and Root Planning (Deep Scaling) to help you fight against plaque and bacteria on the teeth, which in turn promotes dental health.

Gum disease is an inflammation of the tissue that affects your teeth and the bone. It potentially causes receding gums, swollen gums, loose teeth or bad breath. In reality, scaling and root planning is a deep cleaning measure that helps to fight back against gum disease. When the gum is healthy, it will be pink and firm again, and bleeding is reduced or completely gone.
Scaling usually takes one visit to complete, depending on the treatment plan. Moderate cases may take more than one appointment. To reduce discomfort, numbing cream can be applied on the gum before the scaling procedure. By using ultrasonic scaler with vibration, the plaque, stains, and calculus are then removed. This is followed by polishing to ensure the teeth stay clean and smooth. Scaling does not cause the teeth to become thinner. 

After Scaling: 
  • We recommend Routine dental check-ups every 6 months to ensure the teeth and gum are healthy. 
  • Avoid smoking or heavily stained food 
  • Mild sensitivity may be felt as teeth that are previously covered by heavy calculus are more exposed to cold air or cold diet. Sensitivity shall recover in one week
  • Use interdental brush, floss/water floss, mouthwash coupled with correct brushing methods as prescribed. 

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