Dental Filling

Dental Filling or Restoration is a process where Resin/Cement is bonded to damaged tooth to make them whole again. It is a great option for Decay tooth, Chipped tooth, Cracked tooth, Stained Tooth, Large or Small gaps between teeth, irregular shaped tooth.

Dental Filling is a relatively fast and easy process. Patients can discuss with their dentist if they need multiple filling under anesthesia. The caries or disease tooth portion shall be cleaned, then applied with filling materials to cover the hole or space. The filling is then polished into the desired shape for aesthetic reason and back to function.
Filling Materials: 
Tooth Colour material, Resin,
Tooth Colour material, Cement
Silver colour Amalgam

Tooth colour materials are more widely used nowadays. Your dentist shall assist in deciding the suitability of each material in different cases.

After Filling: 
  • The hole or space will be covered
  • Able to use the floss and keep the area clean
  • The tooth will return to ideal shape and function
  • If sensitive or pain occurs, please contact the clinic 

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