Extractions: Take out the tooth that are beyond repair or mobile. Having Broken tooth, Retained Roots, previously root canal treated and in pain, teeth in pain, swollen gum or face generally can lead to dental extraction. Patients are recommended to discuss suitable treatment options with the dentist. 

Options for teeth in Pain:
  • Take medicine (will only reduce pain temporarily)
  • Root Canal Treatment 
  • Extractions
For Extractions, the numbing cream is first applied to the gum to reduce the level of discomfort. Next, local anesthesia is injected slowly on the numb site. Dentist will then add more injection to the site that is numb to ensure the procedure can be carried out painlessly.In certain cases, X-ray is taken to check the conditions and complexity of the case.After extraction, the dentist will clean the socket with saline and keep hemostatic sponge to reduce bleeding. Gauze are then inserted to keep the pressure to stop bleeding.

Patients in special medical needs eg. Pregnancy, Allergies, or patients with moderate-severe medical illness eg. Blood Thinners, Bleeding disorder, stroke, severe hypertension, infectious disease, congenital heart diseases. Renal disease etc. are advised to inform dentists prior to extractions.

After Extraction:
  • Bite on the gauze as prescribed until bleeding stops 
  • Take antibiotic as prescribed
  • Take painkiller if in pain
  • Take cold drinks/diet to reduce pain swelling and discomfort
  • Do not gargle as it might induce bleeding 
  • Keep the wound clean and brush all other teeth 
  • Reduce smoking to allow healing
  • For allergies or bleeding, contact the clinic 

Replacement of missing teeth: 
  • Denture 
  • Bridges
  • Implant
  • Braces

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