Gum Treatment

gum treatment
Deep scaling or Root planning are ideal solutions to fight against gum problems. Gum problems usually cause easy gum bleeding , tooth mobility, inflamed gum or receding gum. Root planning can help to resolve calculus / bacteria that are trapped deep inside the gum. Gingivectomy can Reshape the shape of the gum. Other gum surgery can reposition gingival/ gum into ideal position.
Root Planing / Deep scaling 
  • Usually two appointments are needed 
  • X-ray and gum level are checked. Local anesthesia given to control pain/discomfort
  • Calculus and bacteria trapped deep inside will be thoroughly cleaned
  • After recovery, follow proper oral hygiene to maintain the area clean
  • Process must be repeated every 3-6 months

Gingivectomy, Gum Reshaping 
  • To correct different gum level 
  • To enlarge the size of teeth to be more esthetic 
  • Can create symmetry between gum level of right and left side of teeth
  • Remove Swollen inflamed tissue 

Other Soft tissue or Gum surgery 
  • Use in implant therapy to enhance aesthetics results
  • To create more healthy gingival / gum 
  • To aid in the braces treatment for stable results

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