Retainer / Night Guard

After braces are put on, the teeth are susceptible to movement as the ideal position is not yet achieved. The dental retainer will keep your teeth in a new desirable position while gum tissue and periodontal fiber stabilize. Wearer is advised to wear a retainer for 2 years (every night). Night guard is thicker than retainer, and beneficial for patients with night grinding to protect the teeth from grinding damage. 

  • Retainer is mandatory for the first 2 years, every night  
  • After 2 years, retainer should be worn (if necessary) on dentist’s recommendation
  • Model is taken to fabrication of retainer 

CLEAR Retainer — Removable; Customize Thin hard 1 or 1.5mm clear plastic cover surface; passive fit of tooth
HAWLEY Retainer — Removable; With wire on front teeth and molar, plate cover parts of the gum
Fixed Retainer —  Wire that bond behind the front teeth, suggest to remove after 1 year

Night Guard 
  • Serve to protect your teeth from direct tooth to tooth grinding 
  • Hard or Soft Clear plastic 
  • Usually 2mm thick to offer durability
  • Usually wear on either upper or lower Jaw 
  • Heavy grinder might need to repeat night guard every 6 months 
  • Hard night guard can function as dental retainer

  • Grind unconsciously at night when sleep. To date, there is no known cure for bruxism
  • Sometimes people will grind or clench their teeth due to reasons such as stress, lack of rest genetic, or problems with occlusion. Lowering stress level is advised
  • Heavy grinder might have TMJ joint pain when wake up. Teeth might shorten and become sensitive
  • Night guard ensures damage is absorbed and no shortening of opposite teet

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