Dentures not only replace missing teeth, they replace the surrounding tissue. Patients may need dentures for a variety of reasons including Tooth loss, Tooth decay, gum disease or injury. Conventional Acrylic Denture, Better rigidity Chrome-Cobalt Co-Cr Metal denture, Better fitting Flexible denture are available. Immediate Denture is also available for quicker and faster solution.

After the teeth are removed, and tissues have healed (usually take one month), model will be taken, bite will be checked.

In the next visit, try on the denture to check the fit and size, color, shape and position of the tooth. Once  the final outlook is confirmed, the trial denture will be sent for final denture processing. Once the denture is in place, the dentist will make necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

Many patients find eating and speaking to be a bit awkward after a new denture is put on. After a few days, the denture shall become less tight, and it shall function as normal. Individuals can schedule an appointment for review or adjustment if there is any discomfort.

  • Dentures provide help for sagging muscles due to missing teeth
  • Dentures allow those with multiple missing teeth to feel confident about their smile 
  • Dentures allow patients to speak and eat normally

Denture Care: 
  • Remove at night to relieve compression over the gum
  • Remove to thoroughly clean the other teeth 
  • Denture shall be brushed clean and Soaked in the water 
  • Wash the denture over the basin to prevent drop to the floor as denture might break
  • Denture cleansing tablet can be used to enhance the cleanliness of the denture 
  • Denture shall be remade after 3-5 years or when necessarily

Different Types: 
  • Conventional Acrylic denture: Acrylic, Rigid, Clasp/Wire are usually added to aid in retention or prevent fracture of denture
  • Metal base denture: Metal dentures are better fitted, casted clasp that encircle some of the teeth to optimize retention. Acrylic natural colour teeth are then bond to the metal framework
  • Flexible base denture: No wire. Flexible base allows easy insertion and removal. Flexible base is Semi Rigid, encircling adjacent tooth for retention 

Metal or flexible denture offers better fitting, comfortability and less food impaction.Full mouth denture: usually conventional acrylic denture are made. Partial missing teeth denture: Metal or flexible base denture are advised. However, with newer technology and techniques, bridge or implant shall be considered over a denture. Others option to replace Missing teeth may include Bridge / Implant / Braces.

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