Invisalign is the worlds’ most famous aligner brand and has reached 7 millionth user worldwide in 2019. Virtually Invisible solutions, minimal pain, easy to clean, special SmartTrack technology to move the teeth in a desirable way. No Metal, no wire, no more worries about pain. A much more comfortable way to transform a new smile line. 

8 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better:

  • Cosmetics – No metal, No Wire, walk into a business meeting with usual look
  • Magic result – No one would realize your teeth have been straightened 
  • Comfort  – Series of flexible tray/aligner to move the teeth, more comfortable than traditional braces , less abrasion with gum / cheek 
  • Easy to clean – Can be removed, clean mouth without any hassle 
  • No Food restrictions – Remove the aligner when eating, enjoy food without worry 
  • Fewer clinic visits – If you are on heavy tight schedule, series of aligner will be given to make sure the movement is ongoing 
  • Computerized planning – Computer simulation of final teeth position and outcome. Different treatment options can be simulated 
  • In Complex cases – Invisalign can mix with traditional braces to shorten the treatment time of traditional braces


  • 20-22 hours wearing per day; change every 7-10 days as prescribed 
  • Removable: to Eat/Drink
  • Removable: to clean the teeth effectively
  • Removable for important events or meetings
  • Multiple aligners are dispatched at one time


  • More Flexible than other brands,  less painful
  • Unique technology that slowly delivers the force
  • Involve Higher cost
  • Different cases might need different number of aligners, hence the different costs 
  • More suitable for crowding case, mild to moderate complex case
  • Some teeth might require stripping and make the size smaller in non-extraction case

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