Porcelain veneers are extremely thin, tooth-colored shells custom made for your teeth. They cover your front teeth to recreate a perfect, natural set of teeth. Naturally custom made to fit your teeth, porcelain veneers are highly esthetic, strong and sturdy. 8 pieces  of Veneer can create new smile line with great white color, high stability, bring new smile line and symmetry that best matches your lip smile line and face. 

Porcelain veneer vs. composite veneer

  • Composite veneer – Aesthetic, can alter mild to moderate discrepancy of tooth. Lower cost, less color stability, moderate hardness, usually prefabricated. Single visit. 
  • Porcelain Veneer – Highly Aesthetic, high stability. Can alter Moderate to severe teeth color discrepancy or asymmetry. Resistance to stains, custom sculpted to fit your teeth. Higher cost. Usually 2-3 visits.  High Strength and durability, High polish. 

Veneer vs. Crown

  • Veneer shape usually requires minimal shaping of outer surface of the tooth, and veneer is cemented to the tooth outer surface
  • Crown requires all surface shaping of tooth

The first step if you are considering porcelain veneers is to consult Summer Dental to make sure what is best for you and your teeth. Model Photo X-ray is usually taken to assess the teeth condition and confirm the treatment plan.

Mock up on teeth to show the final outcome of the veneer. Minimally remove outer surface of tooth, the new model is taken for fabrication of final veneer.

Veneers are then cemented to the tooth.

After Veneer:

  • Brush and floss as usual
  • Wear retainer or night guard as prescribed to protect the veneer
  • Root canal or filling can be done from the inner back surface of tooth without the need of removing veneer 
  • Routine dental review and check up at 6-month interval

Beyond the positive comments friends and family will shower you with, you can expect 5-10 years of attractive teeth. You’ll expect no extra care of your teeth beyond normal care of brushing and flossing. 

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