Dental Crown & Bridges

Caps or Dental crown is usually done for cracked tooth, root canal treated tooth, or teeth requiring large surface repair, teeth in sensitivity or severe attrition. Porcelain fused to Metal PFM crown or Full Porcelain Emax, Full porcelain Zirconia crown are commonly used. Bridges are multiple joint unit of crown. Crown Bridges return the teeth back to ideal colour, shape, structure, strength and function.


  • Zirconia  – Highest Strength, advised for front teeth esthetic zone, high cost
  • Emax  – Highest esthetic, Natural looking, high cost, front teeth esthetic zone
  • PFM porcelain + metal – strong, good for bridge, more opaque look. Moderate cost 

How do Dental Crowns work?

  • Usually take 2 visits, 3 weeks apart
  • Dr will identify the teeth in need of crown or bridges
  • The teeth is reshaped smaller and model of teeth taken, temporary will be issued
  • The dental crown or bridge is then placed over by another visit and cement into place
  • You can brush and floss or superfloss to keep your teeth healthy

Advantages of dental crowns:

  • Restored the tooth’s shape and strength
  • Relieve crack toothache and crack tooth soreness
  • Dental crowns are custom-made to fit into particular tooth
  • Can last for many years if well taken care of
  • Not necessary to remove at night 
  • Offer comfortability as no extra plate covering gum

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