Root Canal

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Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that removes the nerve and infected pulp to eliminate tooth pain. The tooth can be kept without the need of extractions. When the teeth are in pain, by removing the nerve, thorough cleaning and sealing the pulp space, the pain can be resolved and stay intraorally for functions.

Dentist will examine the teeth thoroughly and get an X-ray of the infected area. Local anesthesia will be given and root canal cleaning procedure begins. The procedure will take 1 to 3 visits to complete depending on the complexity. The tooth is then restored with filling material, in certain cases dental crown are advised to prevent cracked tooth.


Need of Root canal treatment:

  • Teeth in serious pain, continuous or intermittent
  • Swelling or abscess at the gum near the infected tooth
  • Fracture teeth involving pulp 
  • Discolored tooth and not responsive to test


After Root canal treatment:

  • Take medicine as prescribed
  • Soft diet until the tooth is fully restored
  • Over a long period of time, the tooth might turn slightly grey or darken
  • Metal posts are sometimes inserted to support the tooth core structure
  • Dental Crown is advised to prevent crack and to enhance color

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