Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery-2
Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth. Each individual might have 0 to 4 wisdom teeth that erupt/appear at each quadrant by age 20/above. If wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to grow (a.k.a. ‘impacted’), having pain or swelling then you’ll likely to have it extracted or have a minor wisdom tooth surgery.

Keep the wisdom tooth when: 
  • If wisdom tooth erupts/appears normally as other molars did and cause no problems
  • It doesn’t erupt and stay beneath the gum without causing pain
  • When individuals are able to keep clean of the area 

Advise Wisdom tooth surgery when: 
  • Impacted/not enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt/appear
  • When it is Horizontal or Angle to the front teeth 
  • When it cause swelling or pain at the corner of jaw
  • When swelling or pain radiate to neck or head
  • When it cause food trap and damage to the front teeth  
  • Pathology detected during routine X-ray examination

Wisdom tooth surgery procedures
  • Pre-surgery assessment with X-ray, discussion with individual to arrange a day off to rest 
  • Pre-surgery medication is given to prevent swelling/pain
  • Local anesthesia done, the tooth is then taken out, sometimes in few fragments 
  • Entire procedure takes 1-2 hours depending on complexity 
  • Suture and post-surgery medicine will be given 
  • Medical certificate will be issued whenever necessary 

After Wisdom tooth surgery 
  • Mild swelling on day 1 to day 3, swelling in most cases shall degrade or reduce on day 7
  • Soft diet for 1-3 days, cold drinks/food is advised
  • Apply pressure with gauze until bleeding stops
  • The wound shall be kept clean, other teeth shall be brushed, use mouthwash as prescribed 
  • Surgical toothbrush is advised to keep the suture or wound clean
  • Take Medicine on time and get more rest 
  • Contact clinic if require any further assist
  • Review for suture removal or check up at clinic according to schedule

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